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Week in Georgia

2018-11-01 - 2019-03-01

Take a break this winter and go on holiday to Georgia. Enjoy the cuisine, culture and history of Tbilisi and the other cities listed in this package. The characteristic castles, unconventional cafes and contemporary architecture will make you want to explore more.


The best in Singapore

2018-09-01 - 2019-03-31

Known as Lion City, Garden City and Red Point, Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.



2018-09-01 - 2019-03-31

Enjoy the most beautiful days in London that will take you to another world of beauty


Munich and the lakes resorts of Austria

2018-12-31 - 2019-03-31

Enjoy Europe on this multi-city tour. One of the most important cities on this trip is Laltan in Munich - 4 nights in Zell am See - Kaprun - Litalan in Munich.


Empire of Wonderland

2018-09-01 - 2019-03-31

You will enjoy Europe in this multi-city tour. The most important cities in this trip are 4 nights in Vienna - 3 nights in Salzburg - 4 nights in Zell am See - Kaprun - 3 nights in Munich.

Athens - Santorini

2019-02-12 - 2019-02-17

Learn about the ancient Roman history of Athens and see the most beautiful sunset views on Santorini .Island

London, Paris and Amsterdam

2019-02-26 - 2019-03-05

A trip to three of the most beautiful capitals in Europe, where you know the history of these cities and the most important tourist features

Geddah International Travel & Tourism Exhibition

  • Jeddah
2019-02-13 - 2019-02-15

Special coverage of the largest tourist gathering in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia