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SwissHouse Restaurant

  • Jeddah
  • Madinah
  • Buraydah

You are truly our guest when you come to make sure you feel at home to Swisshouse Restaurants, and we want the moment you step inside our doors We work day in and day out for you. to be wowed by what we have to offer, including delicious menu selections, value promotions and genuine hospitality We h


  • Riyadh
2019-03-19 - 2019-03-29

Food & Beverage Exhibition & Food Sector


  • Jeddah
2019-01-01 - 2019-04-22

LA RUSTICA is an Italian restaurant, coming for his fans with a new way to present's a recreational experience will never be forgotten, containing sessions and lively playing on musical instrument, also teaching children different cooking styles.

Half million box park

  • Riyadh
2019-01-25 - 2019-04-30

A café for enjoying with cold and hot coffee and snacks.